Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just for fun!


  1. Oh hey, cousin, can you send me the picture where I was telling you I liked the lighting and I was looking down? You don't gotta edit it if you don't want to? To this, Thankss

  2. Picture number four, what did you use to edit the background? Great job with the pictures David!

  3. Nice pictures!
    Hahaha, I like the last one!
    BTW, why are Erika, and Cindy sneaking into the house?....Also on more thing...So...When did Allie become a cousin? jk lol! :-)
    Cool Pics!

  4. @ Angie. yeah I can do that for you, as soon as my dads e-mail starts working again, he's trying to get someone to come and fix it so I don't know how long going to be.

    @ Jack it's called panography-ish .

    @ Eli. I don't really know, it was just an idea that Angie had. Yeah and about Ally, I didn't know what to call the post so I just put that, even thou I knew Ally was in it, so yeah .

  5. Cool! So I'm family now! jk :-) Btw the fourth picture is really neat.